Who We Are
Sah means together and Jeevan is life. They join to form Sahjeevan — the art of living together in a symbiotic relationship.
Our journey spanning over 30 years began with Kachchh in Gujarat, spread to Saurashtra and has recently extended to the whole country. Our mission is to incubate and foster activities that empower independent, self-sustaining communities with strong grassroots leadership.
Our activities are premised on the unique ecological strengths of the terrains we work in. We believe that communities that have evolved a symbiotic relationship with the ecology are best suited to conserve and govern their biodiversity.
We privilege
the science and philosophy of traditional knowledge bearers and enable them to generate new knowledge by working alongside formally educated professionals, integrating their embodied understandings with empirical frameworks.
We develop
fertile testing grounds for the evolution and refinement of these community knowledge systems by which people can find solutions to knotty ecological and economic situations.
We engage
with the entire spectrum of agencies and institutions that together determine the physical and socioeconomic environment of the communities we work with, to help design policies and programmes that are conducive to the well-being of those communities.
We invest
in organising rural communities and empower them to reaffirm their socio-cultural identities based on their sustainable ecological practices.
We facilitate
communities to build environments that enable and empower their practices.
Our Story
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